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Features of Electric Forklift

  1. Electric forklifts can be an asset to industries that are depending on pallet stackers and other material handling equipment available. 

  2. WELIFTRICH Electric Forklifts can be used to carry heavy loads on a variety of terrains with many operating just like an IC Forklift Truck.

  3. It is a great option for businesses looking to maximise warehouse space because of smaller size. It can increase manoeuvrability, and increase ability to stack goods in tight spaces.

  4. Our forklifts' designs around the benefits of electric power and create compact electric forklift trucks that transform your business.

  5. Twin Accelerator Pedal – This feature includes rapid and seamless direction change, responsive deceleration, lesser hand/feet movement and ergonomic foot pedal positioning. The advantages are faster cycle times, fatigue-free efficiency throughout shift, total operator control and thus higher productivity. Note- this feature is not available with 360 degree steering

  6. Single Accelerator Pedal - Automotive layout, direction switch integrated in armrest for easy functioning, left foot traction interlock pedal, ergonomic foot pedal positioning. The advantages are easy finger-tip direction selection

  7. Hydraulic Control – feature include single or dual axis Linde load control levers, simple ergonomic design, spacious, precision finger-tip load handling, seamless operation

  8. Over-head guard – starburst and mesh profiles available, also polycarbonate insert option available for further additional protection. The feature is for clear visibility with maximum protection.

  9. Battery Change – fast change in battery for efficient operations

Details of Electric Forklift


WELIFTRICH newest Electric Forklifts offer versatile solutions designed to tackle your specific warehouse challenges.

a. Rear wheel drive electric. 3 Wheel, Compact, simple technology, affordable electric truck. Capacity 1.5T:

b. 3-wheel electric. Powerful, indoor, and outdoor, inclinations, shortest turning circle. Capacity 1.5 – 2.0T

c. 4-wheel electric. Powerful, mostly outdoor. Capacity 1.5 – 4.5T1. Dual drive

d. Single drive


Rear wheel drive trucks are compact, simple, and easy to use. They are most suitable for indoor applications.

Front wheel drive trucks are powered on the front wheels, where the pressure of the load is. Therefore, optimum traction and power when you need it. Can be used on inclinations and more slippery floors.

Single drive trucks have the drive train like a diesel truck, just with an electric motor instead of an IC motor. With dual drive you have the benefit of a smaller turning cycle and a lower seating position. Dual drive in general also offers a higher performance.


The Moving Electric Forklifts' unique tilting cab is helpful for operators to be more precise, as well as an ergonomic solution for challenging situations. Operations can choose from a forward tilt of up to 2 degrees or a backward tilt of up to 4 degrees. The tilting cab is programmable to suit the operator’s performance and offers a clear view when lifting at high heights.


Typically, Electric Forklifts do not have the capability to be used outdoors. Due to the diameter of its durable wheels, high ground clearance, and multiple weather protection options to enhance driver comfort, the Indoor/Outdoor Moving Mast Electric Forklift is a versatile operation that can provide optimal visibility in outdoor conditions.

How to buy the right electric forklift:

For the indoor application in narrow space the small rear wheel drive 3-wheel electric forklifts are the truck of choice. The most compact electric forklifts for sale have a working aisle of under 3m.

For forklifts in outdoor applications, on uneven surfaces or for heavy loads the 4-wheel forklift truck is preferred.

Stability of forklifts when lifting is not so much the issue, both 3-wheel and 4-wheel electric forklifts have the same stability. 4-wheel electric forklifts are just more capable in tougher handling conditions when loading and unloading lorries or when working on uneven roads.

Further information regarding; Electric forklift dimensions, Electric forklift battery maintenance and Electric forklift price can be found on our specification sheets.

Why Choose Us:

Electric Forklift Manufacturer

1. 25 years professional experience

2. OEM for worldwide customers

3. designing life is 15 years.

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