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Seated Type Electric Reach Fork Truck CQD-20R Seated Type Electric Reach Fork Truck CQD-20R


Seated Type Electric Reach Fork Truck CQD-20R

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  • CQD-20R


  • 1070mm fork length

  • 12 months

  • China

  • 3500kg

  • CE

  • 6000mm

  • PU

  • Seated Type Electric Reach Fork Truck CQD-20R - WELIFTRICH

  • 2000kg


Product Description

Reach Fork Truck Right-Size Performance

The WELIFTRICH CQD-20R Reach-Fork truck is engineered to fit your narrow aisle application with multiple configurations and smaller battery compartment options to right-size your operation and reduce energy costs. Smaller battery compartments may allow for fewer aisles and more pallet positions than competing models.

Reach Fork Truck Specifications

  • Battery:48 volts

  • Battery Compartment:Available with 14-inch or 16-inch battery compartment

  • Capacity:3,300 lbs. to 4,400 lbs.

  • Elevated Height:236"

  • Maximum load:4,400 lbs.,  deep reach

  • Customized reach fork truck for Your Application:Hundreds of configurations available to meet your specific needs


reach fork truck

1.1 Manufacturer

1.2 Model

1.3 Drive unit

1.4 Operator type

1.5 Load capacity at height of 5.0m Q kg 2000

Load capacity at height of 6.0m (without side shift) Q kg 1600

Load capacity at height of 6.0m (with side shift) Q kg 1360
1.6 Load center c mm 600


Wheelbase y mm 1510
1.8 Travel speed (without load)
km/h 8
1.9 Travel speed (with load)
km/h 7
1.10 Lifting speed (without load)
mm/h 270
1.11 Lifting speed (with load)
mm/h 150
1.12 Ascend slope ability (without load )
% 15
1.13 Ascend slope ability (with load )
% 8

2.1 Weight (without battery)
kg 3650

3.1 Tyre type

3.2 Tyre size, operator side
mm 340x130
3.3 Tyre size, balance
mm --
3.4 Tyre size, load side
mm 267x114
3.5 Wheels, number drive/balance/load


4.1 Mast/ fork carriage tilt,forward/backward α∕β ° 3/5
4.2 Height. Mast lowered h1 mm 2735
4.3 Free lift h2 mm 2000
4.4 Lift height h3 mm 6000
4.5 Height,mast extended h4 mm 7050
4.6 Height of overhead guard (cabin) h6 mm 2185
4.7 Seat height h7 mm 1100
4.8 Height of wheel arms h8 mm 350
4.9 Overall length (minimum) l1 mm 2430
4.10 Length to face of forks l2 mm 1380
4.11 Overall width b1 mm 1270
4.12 Width between straddle arms b4 mm 830


Outside fork width, minimum/maximum b5 mm 200-815
4.14 Reach distance l4 mm 550
4.15 Ground clearance,laden,below mast m1 mm 45
4.16 Ground clearance,center of wheelbase m2 mm 55
4.17 Aisle width, 1000x1200 pallet crossways Ast mm 2825
4.18 Aisle width, 800x1200 pallet lengthways Ast mm 2950
4.19 Turning radius Wa mm 1765

5.1 Travel speed, laden/unladen
km/h 267*114
5.2 Lifting speed,laden/unladen
mm/s 340*130
5.3 Reach speed, laden/unladen
mm/s 80
5.4 Maximum gradeability, laden/unladen S2 5m
% 8/15
5.5 Service brake


6.1 Drive motor type

6.2 Rated output
kw 5
6.3 Hoist motor type

6.4 Rated output
kw 6.3

7.1 Voltage
V 48
7.2 Capacity
AH 440
7.3 Battery Weight
kg 750

8.1 Type of drive control

8.2 Sound level at operator's ear
dB(A) 75


electric power steering

Electric Reach Fork Truck Advantages

Flexible, efficient and safe in the warehouse

Load handling in warehouses requires numerous movements and maneuvering, often in confined spaces and at height. Linde reach trucks are tailor-made for these conditions and ensure extremely efficient operation in high rack warehouses. Besides their outstanding maneuverability, special display and assistance systems support the driver to allow safe and quick handling. For example, they automatically adjust the lift and travel speed, or precisely compensate for mast oscillation in certain models.

The design of the driver's cab and the masts provides optimum all-round visibility. In addition, the driver's cab and control elements are developed based on the driver's individual ergonomic requirements. For example, the WELIFTRICH Load Control integrated into the armrest and a vibration-free driver's cab make fatigue-free working possible. Additional equipment, such as a panorama armored glass roof, increases driver safety in narrow rack aisles and when handling loads at height.

All models are extremely cost-effective to service thanks to low-maintenance components and long maintenance intervals. Companies can choose the right truck for their requirements from a wide product range. 

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Electric Reach Fork Truck Video


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