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Leading Electric Forklift Manufacturer Since 1995

Increase your warehouse productivity while saving on operational costs and environmental output with an electric forklift. With quieter, lower-emission operation and rechargeable industrial batteries, electric forklifts are great for almost any warehouse, especially food safety operations and other indoor operations with low ventilation. We offer a full line of electric forklifts with the speed, power, and maneuverability you need to maximize production. Browse our selection below to learn more about each model available.

Equipping the elite for maximum performance

Electric Forklift WELIFTRICH Can Offer

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WELIFTRICH Electric Forklifts

What is an Electric Forklift?

Built with durability, performance and quality top of mind, WELIFTRICH ’s Electric Forklifts are designed to help you tackle all of your material handling needs. Electric forklifts run on a battery that serves as both the counterweight to stabilize the equipment as well as the power source. In addition, the battery operates quietly with low emissions and rechargeable capabilities.

WELIFTRICH Electric Forklifts can have either lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries depending on the need – offered through energy innovations provided by WELIFTRICH Industrial Energy Solutions (TIES). These forklifts are ideal for most indoor operations and for maximizing productivity with their speed, power, and maneuverability.

Electric Forklift Advantage

Why Choose an Electric Forklift?

WELIFTRICH’s Electric Forklifts are made with fewer moving parts, making them easier to maintain and less likely to experience wear and tear. Many WELIFTRICH models are designed with AC-Power, which will increase runtime and decrease maintenance. With WELIFTRICH’s dependable track record, your operation can anticipate increased uptime and a quick return on your investment.

Industry Solutions

Electric Forklifts for Various Industries

Electric forklifts can be used in a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, beverage, and retail. WELIFTRICH ’s newest indoor and outdoor electric options are made to increase your efficiency and help you get the job done, no matter the environment.

Reach Truck In Driving-in Rack
Paper, Packaging and Recycling
Wood and lumber
Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

Equipping the elite for maximum performance

Electric Forklift Features

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Not all power is the same. Learn how a better-matched power source could make a difference in your operations.


Forklift Operator Assist Technology

WELIFTRICH received the prestigious Edison Award for new product design and innovation. The first-of-its-kind technology controls lift truck performance based on real-time equipment status, location and operating conditions.


Clean Power That Means Business

When you look at the total cost of ownership and long-term value of our electric lift trucks, adding clean power to your fleet has never been easier or made more sense.

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WELIFT Machinery(Changzhou) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995 with brand WELIFTRICH, we are a specialized and leading manufacturer for material handling equipment, such as forklift, electric stacker, electric pallet truck, work platform and customized products. We do OEM for worldwide brands for more than 20 years. Thanks for the supporting and strict requirements from our customers, hence we can provide stable quality products with excellent service. WELIFTRICH integrates scientific research into development. At the same time, we manufacture and sell various kinds of MHE product which contribute our best effort to improve human work condition. All our products are confirmed with ISO 9001 and CE Standard. WELIFTRICH main products include 1t-50ton forklift, 1t-3t electric stacker, 1t-25t electric palle truck, 1-2ton manual stacker, 1-5ton hand pallet truck and other related products. Non-standard models are welcomed.Welcome to visit our factory. WE LIFT RICH TOGETHER.

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Electric Forklift FAQ

  • What is an Electric Forklift and How Does it Work?

    Electric forklifts are powered by rechargeable batteries.
    The electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical power.
    Forks and wheels work in harmony to maneuver the forklift smoothly.
  • What are the Advantages of Using an Electric Forklift?

    Electric forklifts operate silently, promoting a tranquil work environment.
    They are environmentally friendly, producing no harmful exhaust emissions.
    Their simple design results in less maintenance and repair requirements.
  • What are the Limitations of Electric Forklifts?

    Electric forklifts have limited operating hours due to battery capacity.
    They are best suited for indoor environments and struggle with rough terrains.
    The upfront cost of purchasing an electric forklift may be higher compared to traditional forklifts.

  • Are Electric Forklifts Safer than Traditional Forklifts?

    Electric forklifts offer enhanced visibility, contributing to safer operation.
    They produce no harmful exhaust emissions, creating a safer work environment.
    The stable center of gravity in electric forklifts reduces the risk of tipping accidents.
  • What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing an Electric Forklift?

    Consider the weight capacity of the forklift to match your load requirements.
    Assess the terrain and choose an electric forklift suitable for the environment.
    Evaluate the reach of the forklift to ensure it can handle tasks at various heights.


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