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Special Trucks

Don't see what you are looking for in a product?

Maybe a Custom Designed Product is what you need.


Electric pallet trucks and electric stackers on the market today currently come in many sizes, capacities, colors, and so on. With all that diversity there are still those special projects or applications that require something else...something more. If you find yourself in that place then search in our products list special trucks which will assist you in finding the right custom solution for your application.

Everyone's operations and applications are different, and sometimes a standard, in stock product may not fit the bill. That’s when we need to take a look at your requirements and determine whether we are able to revise an existing product or custom design one to meet the needs of your unique requirements.


Custom Options

Stainless steel material

Extended fork length

Off road wheels electric pallet truck & electric stacker

Electric pallet truck with scales

Heavy duty loading capacity

Clamp attachment to lift drum

Special Trucks Manufacturer - Why Choose US

1. 25 years professional experience

2. For Pallet truck, capacity from 1.5ton to 25 tons; for stacker, capacity from 0.5ton to 10 tons.

3. designing life is 15 years.


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