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Self Load Lifter

Features of semi-electric self-lifting stacker

1.1. The operator must read this manual and various warning labels on the car before use.

1.2 Please do not use this car without training or authorization.

1.3 Please check and repair the car before use, paying special attention to the conditions of wheels, handles, rollers, masts, batteries, etc.

1.4 Do not use on slopes

1.5 It is strictly forbidden to touch the mast when the goods are being raised or lowered.

1.6 Operators should wear protective gloves and non-slip shoes.

1.7In the process of transporting goods, all irrelevant personnel should leave the body for more than 600mm.

1.8 It should not be overloaded.

1.9 The surrounding environment should be dry when charging.

1.10 Other special circumstances, locations, and operators that cannot be protected should be cautious.

1.11 Please pay attention to the safety markings when getting off the ZT series models.

Details of semi-electric self-lifting stacker

2.1 Hydraulic oil

Check the oil volume every 6 months. It is recommended to use No. 32 hydraulic oil (GB11118-89). Its kinematic viscosity at 40°C is 32c St and the stringer is about 4.0 liters.

2.2 Daily maintenance

(1) In order to maintain a good condition of use, the car should be necessary and maintained every day. At this time, the following should be checked:Wheels and mandrels, such as thread and rags wound on wheels and mandrels;

(2) Whether the door frame is deformed

(3) Whether the battery power is sufficient, etc.

3.Battery charging

3.1 When the electricity meter indicator flashes or when there are 2 bars remaining, the battery should be charged.

3.2 When charging, the surrounding environment should be dry, well ventilated, and away from flames.

3.3 When not in use for a long time, the battery should be charged once a week, not less than 2 hours each time.

When the manual operation power is on, the forward and backward speed is slow.

4.1 Electricity meter

This meter displays the battery's power. When the display of power is flashing, the battery must be charged.

4.2 Control handle

There are button switches on the handle to control lifting and lowering; forward and backward

4.3 Manual push button switch

The button switches from top to bottom are: manually operated power switch, forward button switch, and back button switch. After the power switch is turned on, the forward and backward button switches can be used to control the slow forward and backward movement of the whole machine.

Applications of semi-electric self-lifting stacker

Fully Electric Self-lifting Stacker                                                                        - Capacity:1000kg

- Lift height is 1.3m

- 24V/50Ah (lithium battery)

- Strong structure body and strengthen fork, no bending

- Emergecy stop/hour meter/Battery level indicator

semi-electric self-lifting stacker Manufacturer - Why Choose Us

1. 25 years professional experience

2. OEM for worldwide customers

3. designing life is 15 years.

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