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0.5Ton 0.7ton 1Ton Fully Electric Self-lifting Stacker With MAX Lifting Height 1500mm

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  • ZTS-05F ZTS-07F ZTS-10F


  • 1220mm/1150mm

  • 1year

  • Jiangsu,China

  • CE

  • 1.3m/1.6m

  • Self Loading Fully Electric Pallet Stacker 500kg, 700kg, 1000kg-WELIFTRICH

  • 500KG 700KG 1000KG


Product Description

   Applicable Industries:

    Electric Walkie Stacker adopts the latest permanent magnet drive technology and has strong power with a maximum load of1000kgs.

●Short distance handling;
● short distance stacking;
● Ideal tools for loading, unloading and handling cargo in warehouses, supermarkets, workshops, and homes.

   Products Detail

1. Loading capacity: 500kg/700kg; 1000kg is optional.
2. Lifting height is 800mm-1500mm.At max.lifting height,the loading is no reduce.
3. Semi electric type self lifting stacker,the lifting and lowering speed is adjustable, according to the users’ needs.
4. Steering chain auxillary device.
5. Over discharge protection, ectending battery life.
6. Sealed batteries free of maintenance,safe operation and no pollution.
7. Explosion-proof valve design, down more stable and reliable.
8. 700kg model adds the design of the armrest to facilitate the lifting of the cargo.
9. Add the design of the guide rail, makes pushing and pulling the goods more labor-saving and convenient.
10. Optional: 1000kg loading capacity; lithium battery; full electric type; fast charging device; car charging device…


●CURTIS controller makes the control performance is excellent, efficient and stable;

●It adopts permanent magnet travel motor with excellent performance and low heat generation.


●Compact  design, small size, space saving, and smooth passage in a small passage;

●It is simple and beautiful with integrated joystick. All operation functions can be easily completed with one hand;


●It has three kinds of braking functions: release brake, reverse brake and emergency brake to ensure the safety of driving;

●When the fork is less than a certain height from the ground, it will automatically slow down the speed and effectively protect the cargo.


● Standard maintenance-free battery, no maintenance is required;

●The rear cover can be completely opened. And the components are clear at a glance which makes the maintenance of the whole machine very convenient.



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