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Tow Tractor

Features of Tow Tractor

Great Flexibility with Minium Volume: Light Self-weight of 98KG only and the application of differential mechanism Makeit more flexible and easier to operate.

Stong Traction:It can manage the towing task of 1000KG goods on a slope of 3% degrees.

Stability in Operation and Excellent passingability: The application of Pneumatic tyre with a diameter of 250mm.

Easy to charge: With the application of internal chargers, charging process can be realised where there is a socket.

Comfortability in Operation:The height of the tiller is adjustable.

Details of Tow Tractor

Seated Tow tractor, rated tow capacity:6000kg;Adjustable sent to increase the comfortable feeling;AC Driving to increase the battery’working life;

Regenerative braking function to reduce the operation cost.

Tow TractorManufacturer - Why Choose Us

1. 25 years professional experience

2. OEM for worldwide customers

3. designing life is 15 years.

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