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Aluminum Trolley Luggage cart Aluminum Trolley Luggage cart


Aluminum Trolley Luggage cart

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  • 1year

  • Jiangsu,China

  • Aluminum Trolley Luggage cart -WELIFTRICH


Product Description

行李车 08 

Are you a hauler, delivery driver or are you constantly hauling heavy loads and looking for a top trolley to make life easier? Tried other trolleys in the past but quickly realized letting them fly up stairs and obstacles like curbside Is it a hassle? If you answered "yes" to these questions Heavy Duty Aluminum Pointer Truck! When moving boxes, appliances, furniture, beer kegs and other heavy loads, using a right hand truck can make a world of difference. Cheap items that are often found in big box stores may get the job done in a fraction of the time, but will soon need to be replaced. This professional trolley is for those who want the very best. It can handle large and small jobs without breaking a sweat. We design high-capacity mobile supplies to increase productivity by reducing the number of trips you need each day. Made from industrial-grade aluminum, this premium mobile cart is sturdy yet lightweight (only 20 pounds). 

The convenient modular design means the weld won't break if you need to replace parts. You don't exercise, but this trolley sure is! It's used in many different ways, including the arts and crafts industry, beverage delivery, corporate offices, food service, hospitals, malls, manufacturing, moving and storage, package delivery, amusement parks , trade shows, universities, sales, video production, medical transportation, and more. PRODUCT FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Dimensions 52 x 18.5 x 17 inches Made of industrial grade aluminum low friction polymer anti-slip bars for stair climbing ingNose Extended dimensions of 45.72 x 19.27 cm to safely handle loads up to 226.80 kg with 20.32 x 3.81 CM high-tech rubber wheels

IDEAL FOR COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL USE: Professional trailers, delivery drivers, factory workers and home tinkerers all love the trailer's design and durability. It's 52 inches tall, so you can stack a ton, and comes with a sturdy 18 x 17.5 inch nose pad.

Need to go up stairs? That won't be a problem: This nifty hand truck toy car comes with handy low-friction anti-slip bars that let you easily and safely pull the cart over stairs, barricades, and other obstacles.

DURABLE INDUSTRY-GRADE MATERIALS: The frame on this cart is made of industrial-grade aluminum, which is sturdy as nails. Weighs only 20 lbs. 8" (~20.3 cm) Hi Tech rubber wheels for life.

If a part breaks, it can be replaced: In the rare event that a part needs to be replaced, this mobile toy makes it easy. Modular design means no breaks. You can buy the parts you need and replace them in seconds.

Assembly tools required!! Improve the manual

suitable for stairs


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