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4wheel Electric Forklift CPD-10FE/12FE/15FE 4wheel Electric Forklift CPD-10FE/12FE/15FE
4wheel Electric Forklift CPD-10FE/12FE/15FE 4wheel Electric Forklift CPD-10FE/12FE/15FE


4wheel Electric Forklift CPD-10FE/12FE/15FE

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The AC system offers strong power,accurate control andbexcellent performance.
High strength structure provides reliable uptime.
Casting counterweight ans strong structure.
Quality connector and durable electric wires greatly reducemalfunctions of components
  • CPD-10FE/12FE/15FE


  • 1070mm fork length

  • 12 months

  • China

  • 1800-3000kg

  • CE

  • 3000-6000mm

  • Rubber/Solid

  • 4wheel Electric Forklift CPD-10FE/12FE/15FE

  • 1000kg-1500kg


Product Description

4wheel Electric Forklift

Capable of moving most any standard load while maintaining the ability to fully operate in small spaces;

AC motors provide new levels of performance, efficiency, and reliability to maximize your productivity and return on investment.

Technical Data

4-wheel compact electric forklift/small forklifts specifications:

Capacity (Q) kg 500/1000,...
Centre of gravity (C) mm 500
Lifting min/max (h3) mm from 2900 to 6000mm

Compared to larger models, this small forklift is capable of operating where no other forklift truck can go, without compromising anything on safety, efficiency, comfort and technology.

Manufacturer -- -- WELIFTRICH
Model -- -- CPD10FE CPD15FE
Load capacity -- kg 1000 1500
Load center -- mm 500 500
Power unit Battery / Diesel /   Gasoline -- Battery Battery
Operator type -- -- Driver / seat Driver / seat
Tire type Front / Rear -- Solid Solid
Wheel (X=driven) Number      Front / Rear -- 2 X 2 2 X 2
Tire model front
16 X6-8 650-10
15 X4.5-8 500-8
Max. lifting height -- mm 3000 3000
Free lift -- mm 120 160
Fork size L*W*T mm 1070*100*30 1220*100*35
Tilt range Mast   forward / backward deg 8 / 8 8 / 8
Overall length(without fork) -- mm 1800 2200
Total width -- mm 1040 1150
Mast height (fork lowering) -- mm 1970 2040
Overall height fork raised With   backrest mm 4010 4010
Height to head guard -- mm 2000 2050
Turning raduis(outside) -- mm 1850 2180
Speed Max   travelling   Full / No load km/h 10 / 12 10 / 11
Lifting               Full / No load mm/s 150/220 220/320
Lowering          Full / No load mm/s 350 / 320 350 / 320
Gradeability Full load % 15 18
service weight -- kg 1900 2500
Wheelbase -- mm 1200 1350
Tread Front   / Rear mm 1020/1040 1050/935
Ground clearence At   lowest point (mast) mm 90 120
Brake Service   brake -- Hydraulic-foot   pedal Hydraulic-foot   pedal
Parking brake -- Hydraulic Hydraulic
Battery Voltage /   Capacity v-ah/5hr 60V/150Ah 60V/230Ah
battery weight
kg 200 350
Electric   motor Driving motor kw 3 5.5
Hydraulic motor kw 2.5 4.5
Control type Driving
AC motor AC motor
Lifting -- DC motor DC motor

CPD-10FE CPD-15FE CPD-15FE Electric Forklift Catalog.pdf


1. What is an Electric Forklift and how does it work?

An Electric Forklift, a marvelous creation of technological prowess, dances gracefully upon the warehouse floor, bringing efficiency and elegance to the realm of heavy lifting. But what lies beneath its polished exterior? How does this ethereal machine operate?

In the realm of electric marvels, a forklift draws its power from a mighty source, a set of rechargeable batteries. These batteries, nurtured by energy from a charging station, bestow life upon the forklift. Through the intricate dance of electricity, the batteries infuse the forklift with the vigor it needs to embark on its noble mission.

Three important facets emerge from this waltz of power and grace:

  1. Electric forklifts are powered by rechargeable batteries.

  2. Charging stations provide the energy needed to replenish these batteries.

  3. The electric energy allows the forklift to operate smoothly and efficiently.

2. What are the advantages of using an Electric Forklift?

Ah, behold the virtues that an Electric Forklift possesses, like shimmering jewels adorning its resplendent form. What blessings does it bring? Let us uncover the hidden treasures that await those who choose this noble steed.

First and foremost, an Electric Forklift treads upon the warehouse floor with a hushed serenity, like whispers carried by a gentle breeze. Its electric heart pulses without the clamor of internal combustion engines, bestowing upon the surroundings a tranquil symphony.

From the wellspring of its silence, the forklift reveals three precious gems:

  1. Electric forklifts emit significantly less noise compared to their gasoline counterparts.

  2. They produce no harmful emissions, blessing the air we breathe.

  3. Electric forklifts require minimal maintenance, reducing the burden of upkeep.

3. How does an Electric Forklift contribute to a greener world?

Ah, the longing for a world where nature thrives, where harmony dances upon the earth like whispered promises. Fear not, for the Electric Forklift shall guide us toward this verdant paradise. But how does it paint this canvas of green?

In the realm of ecological prowess, electric forklifts tread lightly upon the land, leaving naught but a trace of benevolence in their wake. The absence of harmful emissions imbues the air with purity, and the gentle hum of their motors whispers secrets of sustainable harmony.

From this tapestry of green, three blessings unfurl like delicate petals:

  1. Electric forklifts produce zero emissions, fostering a cleaner environment.

  2. They reduce our carbon footprint, nurturing the Earth with every gentle step.

  3. By choosing electric forklifts, we embrace a sustainable path, where nature and industry walk hand in hand.

4. What are the safety features of an Electric Forklift?

In this realm of heavy loads and bustling activity, safety emerges as a guardian, a steadfast protector of lives and livelihoods. How does the Electric Forklift assure the well-being of those who venture near?

With an array of watchful eyes and protective mechanisms, the Electric Forklift embraces the noble duty of safeguarding all in its vicinity. Sensors and alarms, ever-vigilant, detect potential hazards and sound their cautionary song. The forklift's stability, unyielding and firm, lends an unwavering hand in precarious moments.

Let us weave a tapestry of safety, with three threads of protection:

  1. Electric forklifts are equipped with sensors and alarms to detect potential dangers.

  2. Their stability features provide a steady foundation, reducing the risk of accidents.

  3. Emergency stop buttons offer a swift sanctuary, granting immediate respite from peril.

5. How does an Electric Forklift enhance productivity?

Ah, the relentless pursuit of efficiency, the desire to unlock hidden realms of productivity. Can the Electric Forklift unlock these realms, shining a light upon the path of progress?

Indeed, this wondrous creation stands as a testament to productivity's zenith. With its nimble agility, it traverses the warehouse floor, effortlessly maneuvering amidst obstacles, transforming tedious tasks into graceful performances. The quick recharge times of its batteries ensure that downtime remains a fleeting specter, fading away with each passing moment.

Within this realm of productivity, three radiant stars guide our way:

  1. Electric forklifts boast exceptional maneuverability, optimizing efficiency in the workplace.

  2. Swift recharge times reduce downtime, ensuring a continuous flow of work.

  3. The ergonomic design of electric forklifts minimizes operator fatigue, enhancing overall productivity.

In the tapestry of questions and answers, the Electric Forklift emerges as a beacon of progress, blending the realms of power, sustainability, safety, and productivity. As you embark upon your quest for knowledge, may the wisdom imparted here guide your steps with grace and illuminate the path toward understanding.


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