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Forklift tires: Cushion vs. Pneumatic

Views: 461     Author: Annie     Publish Time: 2023-10-19      Origin: https://weliftrich.com/

Choosing the right type of forklift and tires are sometimes a difficult decision. When choosing the right tire for your forklift you have a few options. Cushion, solid pneumatic, or air filled pneumatic.

A cushion tire truck is best for smooth solid ground. The tires are smooth solid rubber. Since they are smooth rubber, they do not get as good of traction as pneumatic tires. Sometimes you don’t need that much traction. Cushion trucks are a cheaper option and would work great on your truck if you are working in a loading dock area or on a smooth solid ground. Cushion trucks are an all-around smaller truck so they can be used in tighter spaces. They are lower to the ground and easier to turn.

Pneumatic tires can either be solid or air filled. Both style pneumatic tires get great traction and are best for rough terrain. They offer strong grip even on uneven surfaces. The solid pneumatic tire is superior to the air-filled pneumatic tire if you are concerned about punctures to your tires. The pneumatic tire truck is a bigger truck that sits higher off the ground. This truck is best if you are working on uneven ground and not concerned about space.

The different types of tires you can add to your forklift are dependent on the type of work you will be doing with your lift. If you need help determining which tires are best for you check out our chart below to help or give us a call today.

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